Herberger’s Community Days

Herberger’s Community Days Sale – November 8-11, 2017

As the cooler temps arrive, it’s time once more for the Herberger’s Community Days Fundraiser. It’s simple – you buy a coupon book for $5 and the entire $5 is donated to the Rochester Music Guild! The coupon books are packed with deals which can be purchased November 8-11, 2017 during their store-wide sale. Especially note the $10 special offer coupon that will actually double your contribution to the Music Guild and the 25% off RE-USABLE coupon that can be used repeatedly during the 4-day sale period. Your purchase will assist us in earning $2,500 to support our scholarship programs, the Rochester Symphony Orchestra & Chorale, Lunch & Learn, and many other music education events.

Important BONUS information – The BONUS to our organization is added by Herberger’s as a percentage of coupon books that we sell compared to all participating organizations. The more books we sell, the bigger our piece of the Bonus pie ($500 in 2013). With the bonus in mind, the Guild has agreed that any donations received will be used to purchase additional coupon books which will be given to a nonprofit organization for distribution to lower-income families. This way, we can have a win-win scenario: (a) Herberger’s potential sales are increased, (b) Guild members can take full advantage of bargains in the books and (c) people choosing to send donations will be enhancing their donation by adding to our bonus.

Brock Besse, Chair | 507-318-0801